It has been almost a month since we talked.  What happened since thanksgiving?   Well, I had a wonderful time at Perries house in Nebraska on Thanksgiving Day.  I met all their children and they are an amazing family, very Christ centered.  I had the chance to learn a lot from them.  Every morning we had devotions where everyone had to share a passage from the Bible that spoke to them that day.  It was one of my best Thanksgivings.  I ate lots of turkey and ham, watched TV and played video games, visited the Perries farm, and other friends. The exciting news is I got to drive while I was there.  It was just a 15 minute drive so it was fine.

                When I returned home from Nebraska, I had to catch up with homework, and the Lord helped me with that.  I had a lot of long days practicing for candlelight corals, and we performed Candlelight carols on the first and second day of December. It was really a great blessing for me to be part of the choir. I really feel more blessed by it than really giving my time. It was a great joy for me to see how many people were coming to candlelight carols.  I am sure the Lord was way happier than I was.  I went to Indiana on December 9th to see some of my really good friends and also had the opportunity to speak at the Bethel Bible Church in Indiana.

                Thank you all who were praying for me this semester which ended really well.  I was able to get all of my final exams done.  Each of my classes ended with some principle for my future.  My Christian Mission class ended with the principle of “how to be a world Christian,” Chapel ended with—-“-Heaven is a beautiful place,” Hermeneutic ended with the encouragement to be a student of God’s word for life, Christian And Western Culture ended with we are catholic (universal church of Christ), and Pastoral Theology ended with the encouragement to be diligent on passing what God had entrusted to us.  I had a great semester and just felt I wanted more and more from each of my classes.

                I am excited to have a break and looking forward to seeing family and friends for the Christmas Break.  I am going to Michigan on December 16, 2011.  I am taking the train so please pray for a safe trip and God bless you.   

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  1. Robin Kriens


    I prayed blessing and safety for you today as you travel to Michigan. Thank you for your post – it always encourages and inspires me. Merry Christmas and a very Christ centered New Year!

    Robin Kriens

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