Kesny St. Louis – President

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Kesny St Louis was born in a small village in Haiti called Lagrange, North West of St Marc. St Louis had a seizure when he was 11 and fell into a cooking fire where he lost both of his arms. This is when his life would dramatically change from darkness to light. Nevertheless, it was the hardest moment in his life and his family. Due to the incident, St Louis was in the St Nicholas hospital for six months, where he experienced conversion and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. This affected his family later on. Six months later, St Louis met Ann Hume during his stay at the hospital. She helped him come to the United States for better medical treatment at a children’s hospital in Detroit. The Humes adopted St Louis and provided him with education. St Louis returned to Haiti after six months and started attending an American- Christian school. St Louis loves learning about God and is passionate about education. Before meeting Ann Hume, St Louis was never exposed to the gospel. St Louis graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a BA in Pastoral Studies and Theology, and from Wheaton College with an MA in Christian Formation and Theology, enabling him to pastor, teach, and write. St Louis knows he is called as a pastor and Bible teacher. Throughout his high school career, he felt God set him apart for His good work. During this time, he was involved in children’s Bible studies, Christmas programs, and street evangelism. Through these Bible studies, he founded a summer camp program called, “The feet of Christ”! It is growing faster than St Louis expected. In 2012 he founded Mighty Grace Ministries.

St Louis occasionally takes groups of people into the village to share Jesus with them. In March 2013 and 2014 he co-led a team from Moody Bible Institute to run a week-long Vacation Bible School, which now has an ongoing relationship. In the past, he has brought people, such as Ann Hume, to the village to bring donations, etc. Before this, Lagrange had not seen foreigners and the gospel was known by few, possibly no one, in the community. Lagrange is a very remote area of Haiti that is far from any urban context, mountains, or ocean.

Kesny is also part of the National Board for Mighty Grace Ministries.

Robert Rivera – Vice President

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Robert Rivera is a lifelong Chicagoan and works at his alma mater, Moody Bible Institute. His position at MBI consists of placing students in ministry assignments and overseeing the Spring Break Ministry trips. His love for Haiti developed over several trips to the island, including to Kesny’s home village, Lagrange. Robert and his wife, Michelle, have four children and are actively involved in their church.

Lynette Lathrop – Treasurer

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Lynette Lathrop graduated from North Park University and completed the Moody Evening School program in Biblical Studies.  After homeschooling her 4 children through high school, she worked in finance for 12 years until her retirement.  She continues to work in the Awana program at her local church as she has for over 35 years.  Eleven children call her Grandma.  Lynette met Kesny St Louis through her husband, Mike. Mike worked at Moody Bible Institute and was a spiritual mentor to Kesny while he was an undergraduate student there. 

National Board

Wadson St. Louis

Jean Philippe Wiseman Belzince

Jean Philippe Wiseman Belzince was born in Montrouis in a christian family. His father was a pastor for a long time. He always dreamed to be a man of God for his children. When he finished school in 1996, it was a challenge for him to enter the public university in Haïti. Finally, he entered STEP( Seminaire de Theologie Évangélique de Port au Prince ) for his biblical formation. He has been a pastor since 2002, and he teaches and leads biblical conferences. He studied law from 2012 to 2016 at the public university in Haïti, and now he is working on an MA in International law at IFOCAD International.