Church Planting

The local church is the gospel seed in the community. The community in the last ten years has changed from 10 percent to 60 percent professing Christians. The part where our church will be located used have lest professed Christian now to more professed Christians. Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit through the summer Bible camp has been a powerful influence in the lives of the people. Since 2015, the community has been communicating with me about starting a church in the community.

Summer Bible Camp

The purpose is to help every man and woman know who they are in Christ, who Christ is, who the Holy Spirit is, and who God the Father is. We know that summer vacation is the most prevalent time when people often fall into sin. Therefore we felt it is our obligation to remind them to focus on Christ and stay in the Word of God. We do that through Biblical teaching, building healthy relationships, personal devotions, and laughing and playing together. Our main purpose is to help the students grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

The Summer Bible Camp has been up and running for the last couple of years. It provides a week of experiences that the youth in Lagrange are not used to. They get to visit another part of Haiti, go swimming in the ocean, play games, have fun, and have Bible studies, discussions, and lessons. It has been a great success! Many of the youth in Lagrange enjoy the Summer Bible Camp and look forward to it every year. 

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Child Scholarships

Each student’s tuition costs between $40 and $220 per year. These students are either orphans, or their parent can’t afford to provide them with education. Please consider sponsoring one of the children below with education for a year.