There are no other organizations addressing some of the issues Mighty Grace Ministries seeks to address in the community of Lagrange.

Children’s Home

Why open a children’s home? Children are often overlooked in Haitian society. They often grow up without any sort of purpose or direction until their teenage years and young adulthood, when they must fend for themselves. Many children are orphans. Many parents wish they could give up their children for adoption because of the inability to care for them. We want to have a home where they can be formed spiritually and raised in a Godly environment. With a Gospel-centered life and a Gospel-centered education, they will have a sense of purpose to know they matter.

There are 25 children that will initially be cared for when the children’s home opens. These children will be taken care of physically, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. These children will be educated at the home until the school is up and running where they will continue their education. We plan for the children’s home to eventually grow to 50 children… and even more if God wills! We need help to first purchase property for $35,000.

Child Sponsorships

Child Sponsorship is one of the main ways that we will be able to provide for the needs of the children in Lagrange, Haiti once the children’s home is open. Child Sponsorship of $40 a month will keep their basic needs met: food, shelter, clothes, etc. as well as giving them a Bible-centered education and a loving environment in which to grow and develop.

Pastoral Training

A Bible school will enable common believers, pastors, and adults to have sound doctrine according to Scripture. The purpose is to prepare for ministry, preaching, teaching, and discipleship.

After-school Program

The purpose is to give the youth further Bible-centered education to grow and develop into mature Christians.