My-Loveline Flericourt is my sister’s oldest daughter. She has a younger sister and a brother. Her mother is the director of women’s ministries in our church and is in charge of worship. Her father is in charge of the church’s construction.
My-Loveline goes by Love, and seeing how she interacted with others, her name defines her well. She loves everyone and is the church’s youth ministry president. She is one of the original and the closest to me. Love was 5 when I first met her back in 2012. The moment I met Love, I knew she was a leader. We’ve been supporting her in school since then.

Now, she is 16 years old and in 8th grade. She told me, “My best friend is the most influential person in my life.” She enjoys playing mayél (a Haitian game) with her friends.

She wants to study nursing. She said, “I love school when my teachers are teaching, and I hate bullies.” Psalms 103 is her favorite scripture passage. We are proud of Love. Please help follow her dream,


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