I had the opportunity to meet Wisly’s father. He is a great father and a husband. Wisly is correct to say, “My parent work hard.” His parent works on the farm. They both have very little education, so they want to make sure Wisly and their three other children have a good education. 

Wisly is now 19 years old and a sophomore in high school. He attends the government high school and hopes to become a doctor someday. He enjoys school and loves his teachers.

Wisly is one of the originals and undoubtedly the most intelligent kid in the group. He is funny and has a great sense of humor. He is playful with others and very protective of his younger siblings. 

When I asked Wisly who had influenced his life the most, he told me one of his aunts, Silamène Georges, also had the highest education. Wisly love to cook rice. Soccer and playing dominos with his friends are his favorite hobbies. I had the opportunity to play soccer and even cook rice with Wisly in the woods. He is a fine young man. He accepted Jesus as his savior when he was fifteen years old. “My greatest hope is God,” he concluded. His favorite Bible verse is Psalms 23. It is a privilege that God will use people like you and me to make a lasting difference in Wisly’s life. Wisly is currently not sponsored for next year. His school is $ 4 a month or $47 a year. With a paid education, Wisly has hope for a better tomorrow. 


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