What promises of God guide your life? For apostle Paul, it is “in the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time“ Titus 1:2. While salvation is our ultimate motivation from day to day, we also have immediate promise here and now that feeds our hope concerning our ultimate salvation. We need to hear God’s words daily to find those promises. When we face difficult questions and circumstances in our daily lives, we should look for God’s promises in his word. God does not lie, nor can he lie. We can take him at his word. 

What does God say about our need for safety, food, children, and house, for our needs here and now? He will take care of us and never forsake us. Our hope is in his promise of eternal life, also tied to our confidence that he will take care of us now. Thus, It is one worth fighting and suffering with dignity for. “Acts 26:6. And now it is because of my hope in what God has promised our ancestors that I am on trial today.” Paul is imprisoned because he held on and preached the promise of eternal life. 

Ki pwomès Bondye ki gide lavi w? Pou apot Pòl, se “ nan esowa lavi etènèl, Bondye ki pa bay manti, te pwomèt anvan fondasyon kreyasyon yo” Tit 1:2. Pandan ke lavi etènel se motivasyon nou chak jou, nou gen pwomès Bondye imedya sou tè a,  kounye a ki pou nouri espwa nou konsènan sali etènel nou. Nou bezwen tande pawòl Bondye chak jou pou nou jwenn pwomès sa yo. Lè nou fè fas ak kesyon e sikonstans difisil nan lavi nou chak jou, nou dwe chèche pwomès Bondye nan pawòl li. Bondye pa bay manti, ni li pa ka bay manti. Nou ka fè pawol li konfyans. Ki sa Bondye di sou bezwen nou genyen pou sekirite, manje, timoun, ak kay, pou bezwen nou sou tè sa a,  kounye a? Li ap pran swen nou epi li p’ap janm abandone nou. Espwa nou an se nan pwomès lavi etènèl li a, ki mare tou ak konfyans nou ke li ap pran swen nou kounye a. Kidonk, Li vo pou nou goumen e soufri ak diyite pou li “Travay 26:6. “Kounyeya, yo rele m an jijman paske m’ap tann pwomès Bondye te fè zansèt nou yo.” Pòl te nan devan jij paske li te kenbe e preche pwomès lavi etènèl la.


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