I met Farah Alexis in 2011, when she was seven years old, in a group of seven other kids, which I call the originals. Though I had dreamed of impacting my village since middle school and had no doubt God would use me someday, that day, seeing Farah and her other friends that summer, I knew it was a divine connection. The whole group followed me everywhere I went that week in the village. I spent that week walking with them around the village and praying that God would open the door to start an orphanage in the town. I felt a deep love and compassion from those children I never felt before. I love them with my whole heart. Right there, I saw my life with them.

I recently reconnected with Farah, and she told me a funny story about how her mother gave birth to her in a Haitian-built toilet. Her mom thought she had to use the bathroom. Instead, she was in child labor. Her mother passed away when Farah was a child, and she doesn’t remember much of her, but the story of her birth reminds her of her mom. She is close to her dad. Her father works on the farm and fishing to provide for her and her three older brothers. I admire her effort and her love for others. 

We started paying Farah school in 2012 with $40 a year. This was the beginning of God’s direction for our vision for the village. We hoped that God would continue using us in Farah’s life. MGM agreed to help Farah with her education to create a better tomorrow. Supporting one child at a time is a considerable way to educate and deliver Haiti out of poverty. Farah is now 19 years old. She goes to school in the city, and her education costs $223. She enjoys playing Mayél with her best friend, Chrisla, who was also part of the original group.

While in Haiti two years ago, Farah would bring me food on Sunday after services. Her act of kindness stirred my heart. She told me, “I am growing in the gospel. My greatest hope is Jesus and no one else.” Her favorite verse is John 3:16. You can change the world by changing one child’s life, starting with her education.


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